In 1999 i started my business life in England. In 2013 I returned Turkey with the knowledge, experience and the skills I’ve gained over the years. Using these skills and knowledge, we aim to be in a respectable position within the international market. After various studies and experiences I entered the textiles industry. I founded ALC textiles, in which we manufacture knitted fabrics and  Co-founded  Fertex Marketing for our sales. With our continuously growing vision and innovative perspective we have renewed our machine inventory and we are constantly progressing further.

       To provide you, our customers the best service possible we follow the latest technological improvements and prices available in the global market. We would be delighted to see your company in collaboration with our true, honest and quality business environment.

     ‘With our innovative perspective to new experiences…’

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Harun Alıcı

                                                                    Co-Founder and Chairman